songtitle: (ne me trahis pas) - Le moment quand Tess...
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(ne me trahis pas) - Le moment où Tess... / ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge
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(ne me trahis pas) - Le moment où Tess... / ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge
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(ne me trahis pas) - Le moment où Tess (*qui essaye de fuir les traffiquants avec l'argent qu'elle leur a volé) se précipite dans la baraque de Niklas et tout les deux se voient la première fois / ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge

music for a film that does not know

a strange and most unbelievable coincidence sees music from a world unknown to most come to earth light at the same moment as a real film starts in Europe's cinemas.
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(ne me trahis pas) - Le moment où Tess... / ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge

How do RealAudio and MP3 work and what is the required equipment?

Software requirements for Real Audio: The software you need to play the Real Audio file is the Real Audio Player or Real Media Player. The required version is 3.0 or higher. The most recent versions are 5.0 and G2. This player is a recommended Plug In for your Netscape Browser or Internet Browser and is used all over the world to compress audio files. This is necessary because an uncompressed file (that features better quality of cause) for a 4:15 stereo song is about 45 MB. The Real Audio file in Mono only 0.5 MB. It would take you more than 3 hours to download the original file (and only  if no error occurs). A reduced RealAudio file depending on the grade of the compression is sized only 260 KB to 2,4 MB. But it has to be remarked that the size of the file determines the quality of the sound. It reaches from about AM-quality to something near HIFI Stereo.
So if you don't have the Real Audio Player yet,

Software requirements for MP3: The software you need to play the mp3 files is a mp3-player. There are various. The most common and the most recommended one is the WinAmp.
MP3 is a different format for sound compression. It is not as good as Real Audio for small files, but it is said to match CD-format in a little bit bigger files (might be a little exaggerated but the result is indeed good). This will be a good format for you if you have a fast connection to the Internet as many files are available woldwide.
MP3 should not be cunfused with mpeg-video, although it is related.
So if you don't have a mp3-player yet, 

Hardware requirements for both: A basic sound card or audio card like Soundblaster16 is a sufficient device in combination with speakers, headphones or a cable to your HIFI Amplifier. If you can play any other sound files you will be able to play this one as well.


(ne me trahis pas) - Le moment où Tess... / ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge

new: If Real Player G2 plays all files from this server in the same bad sound: select: <options> <preferences> <performance>
click on sound card compatibility <settings>
It can happen that the checkbox 'disable custom sampling rates' is checked because of some weird presets. Uncheck this checkbox.

0) You downloaded the file and saved it but now you don't know what to do? Use your file-manager (i.e. Windows Explorer) and double click on the file. Now your Real Audio (or mp3) player should start and play the file. If not, your player has not been installed right or you don't have one. Your system should be configured that the file endings (*.ra) (*.mp3) should be associated with those players. In doubt download the latest versions and (re)install them.

1) weird data or only the text "" is displayed by your browser? Check if RealAudio Player or (RealMedia Player) is installed at all. If yes, check your browsers (Netscape/Microsoft Internet Explorer) options/preferences: files with the extensions "*.ra", "*.ram", "*.rm" should be started/handeled by the RealAudio Player. The same for your mp3-Player (for example WinAmp) and the extension "*.mp3". If unsure, (re)install the players.

2) option 'Listen to...': known Problem for Real Audio Player Version 3.0: Error 14 says something like 'File not found'. Then please use the download option (the file is there!) or update to a higher version of the Real Player as you should have those problems more often.
This problem is also known for the WinPlay player for mp3. Use download or install the more often used WinAmp 1.92.

3) option 'Listen to ...': It can happen Netscape (or the Internet-Explorer) does not start the RealAudio Player but offers to save the file to disk instead. Then you should save the file to disk with the extension "*.ra", "*.rm" or "*.ram" and start it from your Windows-Explorer. Another possibility is: Check on Options/Preferences of your browser, change file handling for those extensions from save to disk to open with RealAudio Player.

4) MP3: your browser has downloaded the file and started an application. You receive the error message: 'file format not supported'. Then the browser usually has started the windows internal media-player which does not support mp3. Then you will have to change your browsers preferences: Go -edit- -preferences- search for (-Navigator-) -applications- and search the entry for -mpeg audio- or similar with the file -extension mp3- (usually mime type -audio x-mpeg-). Change -handled by application- and select your mp3-player (for example the WinAmp). You don't have a mp3-player? Click on help.
To rescue the downloaded file (you do not want to download it again), copy it from the c:\windows\temp or c:\windows\temporary internet files directory into another and start it from the Windows Explorer. If you have the same problem there, you have to make the same procedure for the Explorer or you start the mp3-player first and use the option -open- -file- 

z) Any problems that are different? This service will only be improved by your help. Tell the problem and best give information on RealAudio version, browser version and operating system. Please mail here


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