WHat is/ARE iNtErmEzzo LooPS?

What is/are Intermezzo Loops?

Intermezzo loops are short pieces of music, that are enjoyed in two main scenarios:
  • (unlooped) as intermezzi between other pieces of music (or something else)
  • as loops, repeating them as long as desired

Is there a length standard for Intermezzo Loops?

Length is normally between 30 and 90 seconds long (recommended, exceptions possible).
shorts are below 30 seconds, ultrashorts below 15.

Are ILs from a particular genre, ex Jazz?

No, can be anything

Can there be vocals?


Why is the format special?

Intermezzo loops create a space of imagination that challenges your mind. It wants to further explore the suggested theme but that longing remains unfulfilled in the actual recording. Repeated, if looped. However, there is a hypnotic satisfaction through the repetition of the loop. This longing for further exploration might even be stronger for musicians.
Thus they enfold their real power in the repetition of the loop.

In the unlooped (one shot) form they represent a contemporary form of consumption of compressed snippets in a time of abundance of interesting things to explore. In which the listener is curious but more and more uncomfortable to dedicate a long piece of time in advance to an unknown adventure.

Intermezzo loops can also work well in other situations, that are structurally related.

Who is playing the Intermezzo Loops?

At this point fuz has created and played all the intermezzo loops on this site. Many have been recorded quickly as drafts/studies. In an intense period and an average of about one per day, most during the Covid time. Now they are released one after the other from the pool while some new ones are still made.
However, it is an open project and intermezzo loops of others may be listed here or somewhere else. Please make contact!

You can...

  • enjoy them
  • collect them (and as NFTs*) (*experimental, well I don't know if I really want that)
  • make your own intermezzo loops and add to the 'collection'
  • make your own interpretations of the existing interrnezzo themes
  • practice and develop musical concepts
  • create film sequences inspired by the score


Another remarkable interactive project of Ifuz is the creation of film (scenes, rhythm>) with/through music as the inspiring or structuring input. It can be developed in a ping pong structure as well.
A lot of the intermezzi are suitable here because of their characteristics. The one that I consider the best, are marked, though.
Because of their length and construction they also might fit well as a theme for video or tv productions.

(Jazz) Guitar and other instruments...

Intermezzo loops work well as a (repeating) snippet for focused learning of musical concepts, especially when the piece reaches into Jazz territory. You have to focus to develop and target a particular concept instead of just 'noodeling' along. This can help a lot.
The actual loops here can also serve as starting plots for actual longer interpretations, interpreting not only a given composition but interpreting into an elaboration of the composition itself


The idea of making the loops a collectible is contemplated. Ifuz has some reservations about NFTs but maybe we will give it try in the future.


Ifuz passion are ideas. There is felt an irrestibable drive to explore a new idea rather than to perfect an existing one. However, you are always invited to explore it yourself or with Ifuz together. In the years there has been built a pool of tenthousands of audio recordings and it is difficult to review them and bring them into a format digestable on the internet.
Another passion is creating metaphors, structural ideas with basic 'rules' that open an explorable space.
Here around 2000 there came into being a structured format for pop/rock pieces of 60-120 second (oneminutemusic), tributing to a time where you have more and more snippet culture when so many distractions compete for our attention. Like 10 minute youtube videos are competing now with one hour TVseries, Ifuz had been convinced that short music formats will appear. More it was also driven by own experience and self observation. In a parallel thread, spontanous recordings of intermezzo pieces came into being, played and recorded just for fun as one takes. So it was only a question of time the two things came together, especially when Ifuz observed some special effects that arose from the looping of the pieces.

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