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art, cd's:

this section will become expanded with material in the near future

to come: cd's, clothes, paint, video
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- licenses, 'real' shareware

the digital world changes the way how to look at sharing music between artist and listener.
it has become much easier to get the music to you without depending on a record company but very difficult to finance the existence and especially improvement  over a longer period.

** institut für universelle zusammenhänge want to make new, improving, more exciting things.
your help is needed:

Think of the music available here as real shareware:
You are not forced to pay anything for the downloads on this site but it will be great if you do and enable continueing producing music through the following programs:

your share I

- from 1 EURO / 1 $ on
- you download and listen first (and again) and then you decide yourself whether and how much you want to and how much you can pay
- you pay directly to the source: there are not 15 other companies (shops, distributors, record company, their lawyers, their landlords, etc.) getting the main share, the income is exclusively used to enable new hopefully exciting productions by the artists themselves
- like you would give money to a musician on a (virtual) street, for a concert, etc..

> ! how to pay

your share II

 this is more: a new level of real shareware thought into being by

like in level I (see above) you invest explicitly into the future of the projects.  But: this will be considered by **institut für universelle zusammenhängeas an investment, so if ever by accident should turn into a financial success, there will be a backflow to you in some form because you have helped to get to that point.
Internally we will call you 'actionnaires' (shareholders) although you are not officially: Because of keeping administrative costs low and lawyers out, at this point your contribution will not be connected to any binding rights, any backflow will be voluntarily.
(If you want to make a higher and binding investment , contact us personally).
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- from 10 EURO / 10 $ on

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your share III

like in level II above you invest into the future of the projects.
In this level it is not money you invest but your direct help.

.> ! how to pay

all levels

will get access to extra material, will be able to influence depenbding on the level

it is art.share.html