- sounds by styles alternative? rock? dance? electronic?


Many like to distinguish between music styles. But the songs here are no genre music.
Anyway this little up-down left-right color scheme below has been tried to give you a quick prelisten about what to expect.

- up-down means the character of the file: whether it is just a sketch, a draft version, or a beta-recording

- left-right means an intuitive grade of abstractness, electrification, and character of the music

- the color tries to identify an intuitive 2nd dimension of sabstractness, electrification, and character of the music

those are not all available material but some and most of the first singles. links with the webpages and the links to the soundfiles will open in a second window.
the old color scheme:-> #2347 On Love Star HIV+ Revolution
B Y, B F, B H, II
The Internet Song Nirvana Plugged Out Your Toy Broke Big Rice Salad The Sewing Girls
Billy Bremner symbol = song title FJCIKJ in Review Supernova
Sichuan Peanut SN
Jesse James (i.) BHB Dead Or Alive I Escaped Amy Fisher 2000
Mandarin Seafood Rolls
Your Toy Broke B Rashidi Yekini 1994 Koshuks Listen To This
Chinese Food Music

Le Mont Ventoux The Little 'dobe Casa

Stir-fried Crab Meat W.O.Gr.

Teenage PS Hollyween

night symbol = song title

Rio Bravo sun symbol = song title

(ne me trahis pas)... symbol = song title

Shy II

the new database->

available one day in the future...


it is styles.html