Latest additions:

after desperate silence
Das Distributivgesetz Dictature*h+Dictature*m=Dictature*(h+m)
a new thing from an art project 'vive la dictature!'. it is more the electronic and experimental side and comes with a video.
 # 53
It ain't gonna give you any time
a pop pearl which seperates from the pop shit.
it was was always hidden from you because of shyness and the famous missing last word in the puzzle * was wasting to encounter one day.
what a shame.
it remained without a proper recording but the suggestion is more a real producer could destroy.

 # 54
King Kong
one more of the list of songs / recording which took far too long.
'jungle' seems to be a topic as always 'media'

 # 60
song title not permitted by google. another draft recording ifuz * is playing but not recording.
vive la dictature!

 # 61
another draft recording ifuz * is playing but not recording.
apple is monsanto for your brain...

Curtains Of Night
For Dann remembering Peter Michael Hornung-Maqua
A seminar of a new experimental University reflecting life and the football world cup and maybe the host country, too, brought this as a result work.

XX  draft recordings
Instead of a new single we decided to give you a small selection of the innumerous draft recordings, that have not been produced (yet), because we are already working on the next idea.
Those recordings are even more lo-fi, incomplete, and with mixed real and dummy words. But they have a spirit and if you like the rest you will like those, too.
other most recent singles

32/40  Hollyween, USA, November 2000
This had been already single of the month in 11/2000 alongside the Bush-Gore election cliffhanger. It has been reexposed as it had been 'previewing' what culminated in the Iraq war including the alarming development of war as a TV entertainment factor. And - another election is approaching...
it is