some 'classics':

20  (Walk among) Koshuks
Few downloads, but then surprisingly the single with strongest response. The title theme of the unfinsihed science fiction radio serial 'Starrocker on Koshuk Planet' which carries its metaphorical meanings, too.

On Love Star
The song that more or less gave name to the site
Nirvana Plugged Out
Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Neil Young, MTV, a record industry and drug trafficking are in the focus of the number.
Another little older number: With a new millennium the protagonist is anticpating a new era citing a famous Langston Hughes poem
A second single to quote from pop history, but this time with a completely different sound 
I Escaped Amy Fisher
TV, media, celebrities - a major contents of 'modern' lives, and a major topic in the work of ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge. And a beautiful monophonic like recording... 
Supernova sneak preview version 
Another sound, another experiment: this time previewing a single previewing itself. It even might stay this way. The words had not been completed but it seems to have gained a certain popularity. Probably the sound and the harmonies. 
The Sewing Girls
A break with the song structures so far: this one is an acoustic object, a sculpture with a different character of utility value.  

33  Teenage PS
One found in the archives: though its sparse lofi recording it is very much liked inside ** institut für universelle zusammenhänge

21  Bring Him Back Dead Or Alive
A highlight of the project

Chinese Food Music
A different kind of music and presentation than the four previous. It has not been the four singles out of this project but the whole comprehensive project including the application that has brought a remarkable feedback rate up to today.


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